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Your Pool and snooker table professionals on the Costa del sol

Tel: (+34) 609 50 44 27

Fax: (+34) 952 66 72 06

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Hi Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for doing such a great job, the table looks fantastic.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to meet someone who runs their business professionally and efficiently here.

Anyway, thanks again.....

Mrs. N. G
Sotogrande, CDS


Just a short note to let you know how delighted I was with the work you did erecting the snooker table. All I need now is the time to use and enjoy it!

Mr. M. W
Urb. La Zagaleta, San Pedro, CDS


See our range of snooker tables:

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Marking out a full size table:

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See our range of snooker cues, Riley, BCE y Peradon:

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A cue can last for many years, do you need some tips on taking care of your cue?:

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We undertake all pool & snooker table repairs and maintenance. See some of our work:

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Cloth for snooker & English or American pool tables, all in stock.

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Will your billiard table fit in your room?

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Econ billiards, pool table and snooker table services in Spain & Gibraltar.

cue ball  Pool and snooker tables on profit share (Costa del sol & Gibraltar):

# It costs you nothing but you take 50% of the earnings.
# Our tables are always kept clean, level, looking like new and with regular cloth recovers.
# Regular (2 weekly) 10 step service calls: [ See 10 Step detail ]
# NEW Supreme championship pool tables.

There are many companies out there that supply pool tables... but there are very few that actually know anything about them! To see a few examples of how well looked after our profit share tables are: [ See Profit share ]

cue ball  Pool table, Snooker table repairs and services (Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal):

We undertake pool and snooker table repairs & recovers. Do you need a snooker or pool table moved or erected? You have found the company to do this, we carry most common pool and snooker table spares and cloth. We recover tables, replace cushion rubber, replace pocket leathers and nets etc. [ See Work Undertaken ]

cue ball  Pool & Snooker table sales (Spain & Portugal):

We can supply your snooker table from [ A. Phillips ], [ Riley ] or [ FCSnooker ], English pool tables by Supreme and DPT.

  • Profit share

    We are probably the best profit share company on the Costa del Sol, World championship pool tables, regular 2 weekly * FULL * service visits... quality cues for your customers and a top quality service.

    At times we also have in stock various other games available for profit share, such as snooker tables, foosball, kiddies rides and video games.
  • Snooker tables

    We can supply a wide range of snooker tables from A. Phillips, FC Snooker and Riley.
    Snooker tables are available in full size (12'), 10', 9' and 8' sizes with top quality workmanship and cloth.

    A. Phillips tables are supplied with a colour matched marker and cue rack.
  • Home tables

    Bespoke high quality traditional snooker and pool tables.

    A. Phillips 10' snooker tables are supplied with 8 legs and not 6... as is the norm with other snooker table manufacturers.
  • Restorations and repairs

    Do you need your table relacquered, parts replaced or some of the timber repaired?

    The table in this image is a 100 year old full size snooker table with steel block cushions that has had a full restoration, the cushions and legs where repaired with bolt buttons and covers replaced. We relacquered the table, replaced leathers, nets, accessories then recovered in Stratchen 6811 Club cloth.
  • Mendoza Hot Nuts

    We are the distributors of Mendoza Hot Nuts for Spain.

    Mendoza is a great different type of bar snack, warm spicy coated peanuts... something different from the normal bar snack available in Spain.

    Mendoza Hot Nuts are Irelands Number 1 bar snack.

At last you have found a company that actually looks after their profit share pool & snooker tables as they should be looked after! Remember, if the pool table in your business is dirty with grime, has a worn cloth, is not kept level or has bad cues then it will reflect on * your business! * With one of our pool tables or other machines on profit share you will never need to worry about these things... we will give you a service that is unsurpassable.

Service plans for privately owned pool and snooker tables. Riley and FCsnooker Snooker table suppliers. We will install your billiard table and give you an excellent service at all times. Link into your leisure pool and snooker activities on our top class tables.

The tables we use are the choice of major championship events, where professional players and organisations insist on the best and are endorsed by the World 8 Ball Federation and I.P.A. There are no better quality English coin operated pool tables than these.

Our various services are available in the following countries and areas:

Profit share, rental of pool tables, snooker tables, football tables, air tables, Pringles and nuts vending.
Available all along the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar.
We have registered businesses in both Spain and Gibraltar.

Sales, maintenance and accessories for Pool, Snooker, Bar billiards tables & FAS football tables.
Games room items available in Spain, France and Portugal.

We also supply Sam American pool tables, air hockey and football tables.

If you want a pool table for your gamesroom or to be on profit share from a company that understands the importance of keeping your table in good condition then call Mike on: 609 50 44 27

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Mesas de billar espana. We are billiard table operators offering pool tables and snooker tables

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